Miretti Stained Glass Capabilities

At Miretti Stained Glass we feel strongly that stained glass can be used in a variety of settings. Whether a pool table lamp, a fine cabinet centerpiece, a mosaic bathroom set, or a beautiful stained glass panel, the same fine craftsmanship and quality goes into every piece of art we produce. Whatever the size, setting, or atmosphere you desire to fill, Miretti Stained Glass will match it with great styles and vivid colors to create a seamless and timeless addition to your home, office, or other setting.

Choose from Gothic, Victorian, Modern, Craftsman, Traditional, Abstract, Prairie, Tiffany, Inspirational, Representational, Geometric and many more styles! Whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, symbolic or literal, bold or mellow, intense or soft, we will work hand in hand to provide the window for your taste. The possibilities are endless with Miretti Stained Glass.

Techniques and Finishes

When we have chosen an appropriate style for your window and approved a sketched design, it is exciting to choose from several techniques, finishes and effects to complete your totally personalized Miretti Original. Foiled, leaded, and even brass cames are available for construction. Special patinas can be used to darken and “age” your piece. Special cementing or rebar reinforcements can also be applied to your window to strengthen large or high-impact applications.

Glass Colors and Textures

There are literally thousands upon thousands of colors and textures to choose from. There are innumerable combinations of Cathedral glass, ring mottled glass, architectural glass, handmade glass, smooth, rippled, swirled, clear, opaque, opalescent, and transparent glass. Whatever tone, tint, shade, or texture you desire, I can find the perfect glass for your project! If all this is too overwhelming, let me know, I’ll make the pick myself and run a few suggestions past you!