About John Miretti and Miretti Stained Glass

Hi There,

My name is John Miretti and I own Miretti Stained Glass. I have seen many interesting things in life and have gone through many adverse circumstances. I come from an Italian family of six kids and being the middle child has taught me many things in life. Growing up, there were many events that have shaped me into who I am—a life-loving, fun and hardworking person. I love to relate to people of all ethnic and economic backgrounds, and, regardless of intellect, looks, and personalities, I usually find something to like in a person.

Ever since my father began to instill Christian morals and work ethics into me as a little boy, I have been on a journey. I cannot say that I have arrived at a plateau of excellence, but I have established a mentality of being a hard worker who takes pride in quality workmanship and creating lasting relationships. When I enrolled in Indiana Wesleyan University in 2000, I chose to hone my energy and focus my attention on the world of art.

For four years I studied art and its various forms, graduating with a bachelor of science in Art. During the course of my education, I learned much in the various fields of art and I found out a lot about myself. I learned my limits and learned how to succeed. I learned excellence and the value of simplicity. I also learned the value of good craftsmanship and presentation in my art. It was at Indiana Wesleyan University that I fell in love with stained glass. After completing over a hundred windows and teaching dozens of individuals the process of stained glass making, I realize that I have found my true calling. Since 2000, I have pursued stained glass and am excited about sharing it with you.